HOW TO OPTIMIZE YOUR BLOG DESIGN! FREE 14-page ebook! Learn how to install a theme, read about the no-nos of blog design and find out which features you should always include on your blog. ---> Click through to the blog to read more and get the free ebook!

Your blog design is your blog’s shop window to the world. I’ve told you this before when I listed 3 things you need to know about blog design, but how do you even get to the point where you’re ready to pick your color scheme? How do you choose and set up your theme, and which plugins do you absolutely need to install on your blog?

When you’re just starting out as a blogger, knowing which features to include (and what to place where) can be quite daunting – not to mention picking and installing your theme of choice.

Because I want you to get the best possible point of departure for your blog, I’ve created a free 14-page ebook on how to optimize your blog design. It covers everything from choosing your theme to widgets and the pages you should always include in your setup. Oh yeah, and I also made sure to include a list of design no-nos so you can sidestep all the landmines and avoid making the mistakes many new (and old) bloggers make!

Optimize your blog design and setup

How To Optimize Your Blog Design is for everyone who needs a fresh perspective on their blog design or anyone who is just starting out and would like a clear overview of the different features to avoid blogging overwhelm and start out with a professional-looking blog from day 1. After all, why waste time and traffic on a design that doesn’t deliver? You want to make an effort and turn your visitors into followers from the very beginning! Enter How To Optimize Your Blog Design!

I truly want you to have the best possible offset for your blog, and you don’t have to pay a penny for it. It’s all about helping each other move forward, right? Click right here to get your free ebook and start optimizing your blog’s setup and design!

If you have any questions or suggestions of any kind, please leave a comment to let me know 🙂

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