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Welcome to The Wonderway Project!

Yes, that’s what I named my blog – and my dream.

By naming my dream I took a giant step towards building the future I want.

Dreams are hard, guys!

A lot of us are so afraid of failing that we don’t even dare put them into words.

That’ll get us nowhere.
I want to be one of ’em digital nomads everyone’s talking about! I want to travel the world, and I want to stop coming up with excuses for why now is not a good time. After all, now is all any of us have!

7 years ago, I worked in a nursing home and I’m telling you there were some pissed off wrinkly people there. I’d be too if I woke up one day to realize my life had passed me by and I had nothing but a mean shoe collection to show for it.

Starting out comes with the risk of failure, but not starting out guarantees it!

But it’s scary! All the mistakes are out there just waiting to be made. Everyone else seems to have their shit together, but in reality most of them are paving their roads as they go. Not allowing their insecurities to hold them back.

I want you to say those dreams out loud and start living them!

Hell yes, I’m putting my dreams on my to-do list!

And I want you to do it too.
I’ve studied for what feels like an eternity, and I’m done waiting. I want to get to the point.

The Wonderway Project is all about building your digital dreams!

4 years of blogging experience has taught me that when it comes to the internet, we’re never done learning! I’m always improving myself, my blog and my online skills in the hopes that one day I’ll be able to put all my stuff in storage and go wherever I want to go.

On the blog, you will find helpful tutorials, tips and tricks for blogging or starting your own business and a whole lotta support and #absofreakinlutely!

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Who’s behind this little piece of internet?


Who am I, you ask (and count me flattered!)

My name is Anne-Li – 26 years old and a soon-to-be Master of English and Comparative Literature from Aarhus University in Denmark.

I was born and bred here in Denmark but have always wanted to live abroad.

I have this dream that one day I’ll rent a place in Wilmington, North Carolina and stay there for a few years, looking at the river and pretending to live in Tree Hill, but I’d also love to live in Budapest for a while. Yeah, I pretty much just want to live everywhere and see it all!

I guess that’s a common dream for my generation – and boy, are we lucky that the world opened up just in time for us to pack up our computers and call ourselves digital nomads!

Let’s make those dreams come true!

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